Why choose MedTrend?


    We believe seasoned, focused experts bring the best results. MedTrend consultants consist exclusively of seasoned senior executives with years of in-the-field experience. We don’t use junior consultants who are learning on the job or generalists who lack expertise.

    We believe good planning requires data based knowledge. We insist on using data, not opinions to drive strategy development. We use targeted analysis to achieve actionable intelligence. In short, we help you create “intelligent strategies.”

    Our clients consistently rate our work as excellent. As focused experts in planning and analysis, we have time tested methods that allow groups to come to consensus and ownership of a shared vision and strategies. We believe in and adhere to getting a team to focus, not to create a long to-do list. We know how to engage all stakeholders, including physicians. We bring proven solutions with proven results.

    As a virtual firm, we don’t have expensive overhead to cover. We are efficient and work to ensure you only invest in processes that will get results. We offer solutions at a very competitive value.

Welcome to MedTrend Inc.

MedTrend is a consulting group specializing in providing strategic planning and analysis for the healthcare industry.  Our mission is to be a catalyst to improve healthcare’s value proposition. Through our market intelligence and analysis, unique facilitation, and superior presentation skills, we bring a tool kit of customer centric solutions that allow our clients to create winning strategies for improving healthcare and delivering results to their customers. In short, we provide intelligent strategies for healthcare.

What Our Clients Say

I have worked with a lot of external consultants and facilitators and I would put Medtrend at the top of the list.

C-suite Officer, Mary Greeley Medical Center, Ames, Iowa

Maureen is one of our country’s top speakers when it comes to health care trends, governance and strategic planning. She is one of our top requested presenters for conferences, retreats and board presentations.

Peggy Westby, Vice President Minnesota Hospital Association​