Market Analysis

MedTrend provides all of the following analysis options in order to improve your strategic decision making:

Environmental Assessment 2021

Understanding future trends is a critical component of robust strategic planning. MedTrend has expertise in helping clients develop their own internal process and environmental assessment, and they have helped multiple large health systems and bio-medical suppliers develop a customized environmental assessment process for their markets.

In addition, each year, MedTrend develops its own assessment of key healthcare trends. Using a proprietary approach to assess and identify key trends and their implications, MedTrend has developed a national reputation for its provocative and focused assessment.  Maureen Swan speaks to dozens of national audiences each year presenting the MedTrend Environmental Assessment.

How Can You Get a Copy?

If you are interested in receiving a PDF file of the MedTrend 2021 Environmental Assessment, please contact us here.